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As a multi family office,  we derive joy from helping your family office as an extension of our own.  Our advisement extends beyond the creation of wealth –  we help preserve that wealth across generations, while defining your legacy. legacies by helping you preserve wealth across generations. From public and private market investment management to tax strategy implementation, we ensure that your family office is positioned for long-term growth, and fortified to withstand change, from top to bottom.

Asset & Liability Management

No two families have the same needs, and we construct our services around that ideology. From designing a legacy roadmap to a business or budgeting blueprint, we devote the same attention to detail in managing your family wealth that we would in managing our own. To help you achieve your long-and-short-term goals.

As a multi family office, we offer the following in fiduciary management:

  • Analyze existing portfolio structures and how they align with life goals
  • Assess and prepare balance sheets
  • Evaluate and optimize executive compensation plan
  • Design and implementation for complex estate plans
  • Manage cash flow needs
  • Manage risk and liquidity
  • Research new investment allocations, private and public
  • Personal and professional budgeting
  • Manage negotiation and financing of large purchases
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Investment Management

At the heart of investing is the goal of growing your legacy by generating a positive, risk-adjusted return on your capital. You are already wealthy – maintaining and growing that wealth is our expertise.  Our family office clients typically invest in a wide range of public and private markets, making additional due diligence, liquidity management, and investment reporting a necessity to properly integrate our clients’ overall risk and return goals.

Lifetime specializes in this integration, so you don’t have to. We are proud of our skilled experts’ ability to improve your investment profile while managing market and liquidity risk. With the full weight of our collective experience behind us, our team focuses on building a portfolio that is truly centered on you and is designed to meet your specific goals. Simply put, we don’t just help you grow your legacy, we help you manage and protect it.

As a multi family office, our investment management involves the following:

  • Advisement from a team of investment professionals
  • Design and implementation of private and public market investment strategy
  • Public market investments incorporating robust strategies from the academic finance literature
  • Ongoing examination, reporting, and refinement of your overall investment portfolio
  • Secure delivery of performance reporting

Tax Strategy & Preparation

Our CPAs, tax advisors, and business consultants develop a personalized tax planning strategy that can be implemented in conjunction with our wealth management services. Through a collaborative effort, we pool all knowledge and experience from our experts to maximize the IRS code in your favor.

As a multi family office, we offer tax services in the following areas:

  • Tax planning
  • Tax resolution
  • Tax strategy for many different crafts
  • Tax preparation for personal, business, trusts, tax-exempt
    entities, and estates
  • Quarterly estimated payment calculations
  • Estate planning & oversight
Tax planning
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Estate Planning

We examine existing estate structures with a bird’s eye view to ensure they align with your goals. If an estate plan has not been created, our experts can recommend a plan that will best serve your goals and protect your legacy.

As a multi family office, we offer the following in estate planning and oversight:

  • Assess current wills and trusts and how they align with your goals
  • Pinpoint relevant tax minimization and wealth transfer strategies
  • Confirm beneficiary terms and asset titling/ownership
  • Review and recommend charitable giving structures
  • Coordinate preparation of documents with qualified legal counsel
  • Organize and manage charitable giving/philanthropic goals

Philanthropic Planning

As stewards of your long-term financial growth, we are uniquely positioned to advise you on philanthropic goals that will best serve and protect that growth. Our experts identify charitable giving opportunities that will enrich your family’s legacy through a targeted, strategic, values-based philanthropy plan, allowing you to make an impact on what you and your family are passionate about.

As a multi family office, we offer our help with your philanthropic planning in the following ways:

  • Planning a strategy for charitable giving
  • Analyze & refine a charitable giving structure
  • Vet & assess available giving entities
  • Design giving strategies that align with tax planning goals
  • Consult on optimal timing of charitable gifts
  • Integrate philanthropic goals & contributions with an overall estate plan
  • Oversight for community relationship, non-profit foundation board, and committee planning
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Additional Family Office Services

When it comes to addressing the needs of our family office clients, our approach is as unique and nuanced as the families we serve. Backed by the rich experience of our financial experts, we offer personalized solutions for growth, and the support and care needed to see that growth through.

As a multi family office, we also offer the following services: 

  • Inter-generational conflict resolution
  • Business succession services
  • Family member education planning
  • Bookkeeping & bill pay
  • Comprehensive family financial statements


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